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How DisplayRide works

DisplayRide is a purpose-built platform that aims to improve the rideshare experience for riders, drivers and rideshare companies.

Watch Our short video how it works

Platform Features

Secure Eyes™

Making the ride safe

  • A Bi-directional dash-mounted camera, records audio and video, provides real time audio and video feed-pull or push model.
  • Real-time assault prevention engine (based on Machine Learning + image analysis)
  • Voice-activated SOS (that is always switched on and triggered by a specific phrase, e.g.: ‘Help help’)


Improving the pickup process

  • Displays Name of Rider to be picked up (or alternative text) + Rideshare co logo, on tablet One click Name display from any ride sharing app without any changes to their app..


Playing relevant ads

  • Plays location-sensitive video advertisements (option to turn-off) on tablet
  • Alternates with NameDisplay functionality
  • Downloads ads from AdServer
  • Provides opportunity to monetize